Privacy Policy

Our Cookies Policy
Cookies are used on our website and emails to provide users with a better service and experience.
This statement better describes the categories of cookies that we use and share with our partners, their purpose and how to eventually modify your preferences.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small data files stored by the browser on the hard drive of the computer. Whenever a user visits our website, the browser sends us these cookies in order to allow us to provide you with a customised experience, able to meet and reflect your preferences by facilitating the access to our services.
Which cookies do we use?
We use cookies that allow us to recognize the users and their data everytime they visit our website, thereby avoiding to enter the same information more than once.
They also allow us to analyse the traffic patterns of users who visit our website in order to improve its usability.

Technical cookies
Technical cookies have the function to allow users to use all services provided by our website. Without these cookies it would not be possible to offer the required services.
Technical cookies are used, for exemple, to:
- Allow users to access safe areas of our website and not having to log in each time they visit.
- Memorize any possible action perfomed by the user( filling a form, for example) when returning to the previous page of a session

Analytical cookies
The analytical cookies may be used to obtain information about the use of the website, advertisements and emails and for the notification of any errors.
These cookies also allow to obtain detailed technical information, such as the last visited page, e-mail reading, which parts of the website or of the email are clicked by the users and the elapsed time between all clicks.
This information could be associated with user details such as IP address, domain or browser; however, they are anonymously analysed so as to avoid the user identification.
These cookies may be used on our website to:
- Analyze and improve both the performance and design of our website, advertisements and emails
- Quantify the response to our advertisements and improve their effectiveness
- Calculate the errors that occur on our website to improve the service and manage any complaints

Functionality cookies
These cookies are not essential, but allow you to take advantage of several useful features offered by our website. For example, they could be used to:
- Remember the preferences selected by the user during previous visits, such as country / language, interests and presentation of the website (layout, font size, colours,...), thereby avoiding to enter the same information more than once.
- Remember the answers to those questions most frequently asked to our website visitors, for example relating to customer satisfaction surveys, so that they are not repeated
- Determine if a service has already been offered to the user
- Provide information able to allow the proper functioning of optional services

Targeting or advertising cookies
These cookies may be used to receive targeted advertisements based on the user's interests. Targeting or advertising cookies allow to obtain detailed information on the user browsing on our website ( for example about the most viewed products or services).
They furthermore allow us to recognize a user at each visit on our website and/or on a website of our partners.
In doing so:
- Our partner can provide the user with websites that are part of their network of products and services already viewed.
- It is possible to restrinct the number of times an advertisment is shown to a user and also calculate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign
- These cookies can be stored and used by us and/or our partners

Third part cookies
When a user is visiting our website, some cookies which are not controlled by us, may be stored. This happen, for example, when the user is visiting a page which contains contents of a third part's website.
The user will therefore get cookies from these third-party services. Cookies do not contain personal information, unless the user has logged into a personal account.
Third part's cookies may be generated by:
- YouTube, Facebook or other Social Network
- trustworthy operators
We actually do not control the store or the access to this type of cookies. For more information on the use of cookies by third parties, please read the related Privacy and Cookie policies.

How to modify the cookies setting
Most browsers allow the removal of cookies from the hard disks of a computer and their rejection or provide a warning before a cookie is stored.
What happens if cookies are disabled?
However, if the user reject or block cookies it may be impossible to restore the preferences or customised settings specified above and prevent us to customise the user experience.